Forensic Science

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According to the CIA report, there was a secret project code-named Operation Paperclip that was meant to bring the Nazi scientist to the US after World War II.[1] It was during the same period that the Russians were also trying to recruit these specialist. The end of the war saw different allied parties coming together and forming two blocks.
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Ethical Issues in Forensic Assessment

Forensic evaluation in most circumstances involves limited contact, an impartial stance, an adversarial forum and a critical assessment style rather than mere assertion by the client (Kalmbach & Lyons, 2006). Thus, forensic psychology is a unique niche that requires high ethical standards with a focus on issues including clarification of roles, confidentiality, intended use, potential recipients (Kalmbach & Lyons, 2006).
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Forensic Psychological Report

Every offender that is in a correctional system or facility must undergo an assessment process after a specified period. The evaluation process frequently focuses on obtaining accurate information in regards to the offenders management and progress while he or she is serving his or her sentence, and the intervention needs that the offender may require assisting in his or her reform process (de Ruiter & Kaser-Boyd, 2015).
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