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Safety management schemes are essential in every organization. It is important for every institution especially the highly functioning companies like the Gemstone Fabricators have such schemes implemented to all workers and managers. The systems assist in the improvement of the company's safety programs via the creation of a process that is standardized for handling safety matters within the organization. There are various internationally and nationally recognized principles for the establishment of safety management schemes such as the ANSI Z10 or OSHAS 18001 (Manuele, 2014). Establishment of safety management approaches around some of the worldly recognized principles assists a business in minimizing or eradicating the risk of workers and other affected parties from being exposed to the safety and occupational health threats within the firm. Other advantages are it ensures compliance to the stated safety and occupational health policy, demonstrates the company's compliance to its stakeholders and clients and continually improves the firm's safety and occupational health management scheme (Blair, & O'Toole, 2010).

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Importance of establishing safety accountability measures for managers, employees, and safety professionals

Accountability is identified as a significant element of high-functioning systems of safety. When used correctly, accountability builds the safety commitment of an organization by implementing procedures and rules that are planned to maintain people's safety. It encourages workers to be vigilant about assessing the safety procedures at the workplace at all times, especially when working on tasks that involve high-risk activities. Accountability also protects the managers by guaranteeing high-work performance output since all the rules set are followed with the leaders being good examples to workers (Blair, & O'Toole, 2010). According to OSHA, accountability assists workers to understand the commitment of the management to attain and sustain a healthy and safe workplace. Therefore, every person in an institution is responsible for safety for effective functioning. It is also very difficult to maintain an effective health and safety protection system without rules and policies that are carefully designed for healthy and safe practices that protect every person in the organization from the supervisors to the front-line employees (Manuele, 2014).

Appraise the assignment of safety-related job tasks

The managers, owners, supervisors have various safety responsibilities which include: The establishment of a policy that holds the workplace in agreement with all the applicable State laws to offer healthy and safe working conditions and workplace for all the affected parties. Provide the leadership and resources to carry out the stated company safety and health policy. They also conduct a resolution of health and safety conflicts and hold accountable every worker including the leaders with allocated responsibilities and carrying a follow-up to see that the responsibilities are met (Arezes, & Sergio, 2013). They evaluate the supervisors' and managers' effectiveness in the health and safety programs; they also assess the workers, the health and safety activities of the company and help in offering guidance to how such activities are conducted. They also encourage workers to make use of the standardized hazard reporting schemes, establish an evaluation scheme such as the self-inspections and provide training opportunities that enhance the workers', supervisors' and managers' safety maintenance abilities (Blair, & O'Toole, 2010).

The safety coordinator maintains health and safety expertise through conferences, workshops, and training. They also advise the top managers of all the vital health and safety establishments, they also work with employees, supervisors, and managers in the development of a fully equipped hazard inventory and prevention plan. The help managers in planning of general health and safety rules and oversee the implementation of the regulations within the firm. They also conduct hazard evaluation practices and assist in the development and provision of health and safety training to all workers as well as offer technical support to the employees (Manuele, 2014).

Employees study the rules, acknowledge them and follow the protocol stated, they also view the health and safety materials and employ the guidelines at work. Workers also take the responsibility of maintaining their safety and that of their co-workers. They also get involved in activities that result in health and safety risk reduction (Arezes, & Sergio, 2013).

Apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act framework to resolve a safety deficiency


Hypothesis: Safety performance examination of all workers including the executives and managers will increase the health and safety outcome at Gemstone Fabricators (Manuele, 2014).


The hypothesis was tested at a small group of workers, six employees, four supervisors, one executive, at the company, the study also involved another test group where only the employees' safety performance were evaluated. The results were then collected (Manuele, 2014).


The results found indicated that the first group, where all worker including the managers and executives were assessed, had a more improved and effective health and safety outcomes than the group in which only the employees were assessed (Manuele, 2014).


The study outcome illustrates that every individual at the workplace is accountable for its safety. Therefore, all workers, including managers, supervisors, and executives, at Gemstone Fabricators should have their safety performance analyzed (Manuele, 2014).


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