Effects of Social Media on Society

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Social media effects on society

Social media is a very crucial topic in the recent days. Every individual is talking about social media in one way or another. Social media refers to a platform whereby its users are in most cases responsible for the content received. Use of websites is one of the activities that is very common and is being used by children as well as adolescents. Sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Sims, Second Life, and also video sites whereby YouTube are included have offered a good number of youths an entryway for faster communication as well as entertainment. Reports indicate that some of the users of these sites have become addicted to them which have resulted in impairment of the education system, social as well as the occupation. The rapid growth of social media has its advantages and disadvantages in the society. This paper will give a detailed discussion on whether social media should be eliminated from the society.

First, social media leads to addiction (Arnett 45). Individuals are using a good fraction of their time in social sites which has diverted many from performing particular tasks. Social media has played a significant role in having the motivational levels lowered which has significantly affected teenagers as well as students at large. Most students are now heavily relying on technology as well as the internet instead of having more focus on practical knowledge and also on the day to day life of the expertise. Most individuals are regularly checking and interacting on social media throughout the day. Most of the individuals are seemingly not aware of the time they use in social media that could have been used in something constructive. A majority of the network companies, as well as creators of the social sites, are trying their best in ensuring that their systems are irresistible (Arnett 56). Most interestingly, many have sought to quit using sites such as Facebook, but to no avail, they only manage to do so for a few days. 

Impact of social media on society

Following an experiment carried out, researchers have established that addiction on social media can be adamant than any addiction for instance addiction on cigarettes. Cravings for media have been ranked ahead of alcohol as well as cigarette cravings. A significant number of clinicians have made an observation on symptoms of anxiety, psychological disorders and also depression on the individuals that spend a lot of time online; however, there is little evidence that is in support of the internet use as the cause of the symptoms. Marriages have been destroyed as a result of addiction on Facebook; however, there is no scientific proof for divorces as a consequence of the dependence on the social media.

Social media also leads to cyberbullying and also crimes committed against children (Calvert and Wilson 33). Constant use of the social networks may expose a good number of individuals to different forms of harassment as well as contacts that are not appropriate. Such acts have been proved to be true more so for young children as well as teenagers. Cyber bullying affects all individuals regardless of their age. Cyberbullying may quickly make a different feel overwhelmed totally, and this may result in many feeling of embarrassment which may include devastating time, and they may not be aware of the support that is available for them. 

Some children will not feel at ease in approaching adults as they will feel ashamed and thus wonder if they will be judged or even told to close their accounts of which they may be unwilling to do so (Calvert and Wilson 43). Cyberbullying has an effect on the daily lives, and it is perceived as a constant source of distress and worry. With the easy availability of mobile devices, cyber bullying has highly intensified. Cyber bullying has resulted in the occurrence of tragic events such as committing suicides, self-harming, a lot of efforts have to be made to protect vulnerable children as well as adults from being bullied online. Cyberbullying may also lower the self-esteem of a given individual. Low self-esteem may lead to poor achievements in academics, increased levels of absenteeism. Low self-esteem may be a cause of many of the health problems, and it may force one into indulging in criminal activities. 

Social media impact on society

By cyber bullying being closely related to low self-esteem of any given individual, it needs to be prevented by all possible means so as to prevent such negative consequences that are associated with low self-esteem. The negative effects of cyberbullying are at times tough to notice; kids bullied may develop anxiety, may be depressed, feel lonely or even have a poor sleep. When bullied, most individuals will appear less confident. Students, when bullied, may opt to become quiet in class which at the end may affect their studies. Therefore, it can be assumed that bullying is a very significant problem that is as a result of social media, if not attended to, it can quickly become an obstacle in the development process of a child.

In as much as there are arguments that social media need to be eliminated from the society, it also has a moral significance in the society. Social media has enhanced communication and sharing of information (Dill-Shackleford 111). Social media has played a role in changing the system of communication. In the past, communication was difficult as messages were to be sent through emails. Today, by the help of the social media platforms, we can send instant messages, emails, messengers, online video calls. The use of the internet has provided a surplus of the tools of social media that has redefined the communication process. The entire paradigm of social media has altered some of the ground rules used in communication for instance on businesses as well as their audience. Social media has enabled individuals to have a say on some of the issues, to carry out a meaningful dialogue, social media also engages everyone as people are provided with a platform for interacting at personal levels. Social media also helps in the shaping of the information that is found useful and also provides a platform that can be used in connecting with others that are engaged in similar activities. 

Are social networking sites good for our society

Social media has enhanced the conversation process; communication is no longer one-way but a two-way conversation. Social media tries to engage everyone that is involved (Dill-Shackleford 122); it encourages lots of contributions and reactions from any individual with interests in the topic. Social media provokes all kinds of interactions to be it positive or negative thus making the process of contributions an easy task. Social media has also promoted the exchange of information between a given individual and his audience as well as among other audience members; this has been made possible by invitations for participation. Getting access to information on the internet will only need one to click on it. Social media is thriving on connections that are available on its web and also through the links that are available for other sites, automatic feeds, reliable resources as well as people. Creating a personalized site of connections is no longer a problem.

Social media has also enhanced marketing (Healey 34). Using social media as a tool for marketing enables small businesses that are interested in enlarging their business to access many customers. Platforms are created where customers interact with the company’s brands through the social media platforms. When appropriately implemented, marketing using social media is capable of bringing remarkable success on to the business. Social media posts help in the driving of the targeted traffic. Creation of a new page on a site is a very simple task but one that has to be done with a lot of care. A well placed and organized post can result in a very significant difference. One link can bring many customers for the business. If marketing is appropriately carried out using the social media platforms, they may lead to the building of a good relationship between the firm and its customers.

How social media affects society

Twitter and Instagram are some of the principles that have made the marketing process to be a cool exercise; it enables the business in understanding the base of their customers. Reading of the tweets, as well as their customer status allows the company to get the insights of the daily lives of their clients and thus make necessary adjustments to the marketing strategy (Healey 45). Social media also helps in getting noticed in some of the events, and it might even go to the extent of generating good media coverage. Social media provides an excellent ground for leveraging the presence of the business than with the help of social media. Social networking also helps the business to give immediate responses to some of the problems; in the case of any issue with some of their products appropriate action can be taken in time.

Arguments that children are not familiar with how social networking should be used as they use it in bullying others or even in pranking their fellow children, need to be dropped in as much as they have some sense of truth in them. However, parents are not doing a bang-up job in that department. Social networking is aimed at sharing of ideas as well as connecting with friends and relatives. Social media need not be eliminated from the society because of its side effects on the society but instead the organization should take control measures in how it is making use of the platforms. The community needs to use the social media platforms in a manner that will not violate their moral values.

In summary, this paper has in details addressed the issue on why social media needs to be eliminated from the society. Many negative side effects have been associated with social media such as cyber bullying as well as addiction which have led to spending a lot of time on the social networking platforms thus neglecting duties. However, the social media platforms also need not be eliminated from the society as they have made the process of communication to be easier and also enabled the marketing process. It is appropriate to take measures that will help individuals to use the social media platforms for their intended purpose; this will help in sustaining morals of the society.

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