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Firms in International Trade

In the recent situation in the economic industry, there has been a decrease in importing and exporting activities occurring in firms globally. Economist, however, generally bestow slight devotion to the role of enterprises when debating internatio...
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2017-08-25 17:30:11

Contribution of International Trade

International trade has grown over time with the current nature of globalization, nations have engaged in inter-continental trade so as to acquire the products that may have shortages in their countries or are needed for complementing the producti...
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2017-08-30 07:31:26

Benefits of Chinese Economic Development

It was during the eve of 10th November 2001 when China opened its door to Economic reform. The policy was enacted by the world's most prominent leaders-Deng Xiaoping, because China was allowed to join the World Trade Organization in Doha, during t...
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2017-08-31 07:56:54

Big Government Counter Argument

The term Big government", as used in America, refers to the situation in which individuals are free to pursue their interest, to establish their business opportunities as well as accumulate wealth as possible without the limit of ones ambition or ...
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2017-08-31 08:30:44

Trade unions in China

China is one of the developed countries in the world. Besides, it has a large population which implies that the labor force is significant. It has recorded a fast growing economy. With the high growth of the economy, many jobs are available in Chi...
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2017-09-02 06:47:24

Pricing Strategy

Every business main goal is to make profits and grow by expanding and offer more products to potential customers. Therefore, businesses require having strategies to gain customers and make good sales in any market. The strategies need to be unique...
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2017-09-03 15:24:33

Supply of fresh fruit from Australia to South Korea

In Asia, South Korea is the fourth largest economy in ranking (Korea, 2010). South Korea hosts many world-class companies; the country uses advanced technology in goods and service production. South Korea also has open trade policies, which give...
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2017-09-04 11:44:01

Trade Unions and Labour Federations in Employee Relations in Thailand

Employee relations entail the body of work tasked with ensuring a healthy employer-employee is maintained. The term was introduced to replace the term Industrial relations. On the other hand, Labor Unions are the bodies whose main purposes are to ...
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2017-09-04 11:48:02

Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

China is one of the most densely populated nations in the world which had more than one billion people by the year 2014. The country has continued to surprise many through its rapid growth making it one of the top countries contributing more in th...
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2017-09-05 07:24:59

Free Market, Financial Regulation, Government Intervention

In the United States, the government creates, curates and maintains the free markets. The government is, therefore, responsible for financial regulation and intervention in the free market. Even though many people assume that the government wrecks...
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2017-09-05 07:26:48