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Sternly is depicted to be disrespectful in the play. When his wife`s sisters arrived and he and his wife, Stella were unpacking Blanche`s luggage, Stanley took that opportunity to go through Blanche`s personal stuff without Blanche`s consent even though it was the first time to have met his wife`s sister. In her conversation with Stella as they unpack:

STANLEY: look at these feathers and furs that she has come to preen herself in! Whats this here? A solid gold-dress. I believe! And this one! Whats this here? Fox-pieces.


Stanley is boastful. He believes to be well informed than the other people and openly shows it without care. Upon seeing the feathers, furs and gold-dress, he claims that they were worth more than Blanche earn in her teaching job and although his wife Stella tries to convince him of their inexpensive nature he retorts and says he knows better.

STANLEY: I got an acquaintance who deals in this sort of merchandise. Ill have him in here to appraise it. I am willing to bet you theres thousands of dollars invested in these stuff here


Stanley is also shown to be greedy. He cant stop complaining about how Blanche is taking his sister for a fool and wants to con her sister their money on their properties at Belle Reve. He is determined to find out if Blanche has some hidden financial resources that also his wife has a share. In fact, he claims what belongs to his wife is lawfully belonging to him.

STANLEY: There is such a thing in this state of Louisiana as the Napoleonic code; according to which whatever belongs to my wife is also mine and versa.

The modernist in Prufock poem

Uncertainty in her bearings

The persona struggles to relay his message to his lover about the time to come, he depicts an optimistic universe which provides a second chance for revision of the decisions made and a chance to set new visions and live up to them. As displayed in the fourth stanza of the poem, there is a robust belief and hope for a better time to come that will provide an opportunity for correction of the earlier mistakes. At the same time the persona acknowledges to have seen and witnessed the unfolding of all events, he believes to have seen it all and calculated the end which isnt pleasing at all. In the sixth stanza, he has a strong pessimistic stand about how wrong decisions will still be made and how same mistakes will still be made even if an opportunity for change prevails. He has assessed and foresaw a tragic end and claims he cant assume the better of it.


The persona in Prufrock love song is lonely and foresees growing old alone. He depicts a point in future where he will just be alone when the rest are happy together. In that solitude, he observes that no one will care about him. He believes that people do not notice him, but claims that he will still move in his hopelessness life. As depicted in the last stanza, he has drawn and accepted a tragic end for him.

Death of a salesman

The major conflict in the plays is between Willy and his son Biff. Willy strongly believes that he and his family were meant to be successful merchants and brings up Biff with such philosophy. Although Biff was a talented footballer he follows his father's notions of becoming a successful salesman as per his father's dreams. He takes up his father`s belief and pursues salesmanship even though he believed he was more skilled in manual jobs.

Willy is living in fantasies and sees himself made for success, even so he does not work hard for it but believes that success in the sales business is not forged in training but in being liked by people and outsmarting their wits which he believed he did. Charley offers Willy a job upon meeting him at his office but he does not accept as he believes its too low to be working for him as he was a successful salesman in the making, he feels that it is diminishing to his self-worth to accept a job to someone who is less intelligent compared to him and that Charley is not liked as much as him

Biff strives to fulfill his father`s dream and keep up with his father`s expectations about him. As he becomes a high school football hero his father is proud about and believes that he and his son are a team and together will be successful in life and business. Willy believes in the American dream in them and although Billy feels that they are better off in the suburb doing manual work which they are talented at.

In senior year, Biff fails mathematics which is a requisite to advance to college and this hinders future career. He decided to visit and discovers of him having an affair with the woman from Boston and his mind opens up to the delusional life they had been living. He realizes his father`s cynic and life the of fantasy that he had been living in and how he drag him into the same pit. Biff finally opts to alienate his life from willy`s as he discovers he had been living the dreams of Willy and had not taken a chance to live his own life. Biff decides that he will live in reality and shun the fantasies depicted by his father.

Comparison of one art and The road not taken poems

Robert Frost`s "The Road not take" is centrally based on the essence of making choices. The persona in his or her journey reaches a point where two roads are diverging and a choice has to be made on which road to follow. This poem is embedded on the need to make choices amidst tough conditions, and it relays that its through such hard choices and following one`s intuition that can make a difference from where one is to where he or she will be in future. Elizabeth bishop one art on the other hand majorly emphasis on the temporary nature of the earthly truths. The persona recounts of the many things people have lost and the many more they stand to lose in future as nothing is permanent on the earth. Loss has become too common that people resume to their lives almost immediately after loss, they accept is more ready as time passes as depicted in his line the art of losing isnt hard to master

One art employs the use of symbolism; it sidelines the loss of simple things such as door keys in line four and five with that of bigger things such as cities. The loss of keys is used metaphorically to depict the essence of loss, as a key is normally used to keep property safe. Imagery is also used in the poem. The persona talks of losses of beloved cities that she has lost to emphasize how personal it is and the magnitude of loss she has encountered.

The road not taken employs personification as one of its literary devices. In the second stanza, the path is said to have wanted wear. Generally, a path cannot want as this is a human quality. There is also the use of metaphor. The persona compares roads to choices in life and how some tough choices could make a difference in one`s life.


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