Christian Science Experience

Published: 2023-01-30
Christian Science Experience
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The world today consists of many denominations of Christians. The difference between these faiths is the interpretation of the doctrine and what the adherers believe. Christian Science is one among the new religions in the world in which their faith is significantly rooted in healing. This paper is an interview of a pastor (Markson) and layman (James) of one church of Christian Science.

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Lewis: Hello, everyone, my name is Lewis. I am a student taking my masters in theology. I have come here to know more about your faith and some aspects concerning salvation, healing, and believing Jesus Christ. Let's introduce our self and give a brief explanation of this religion.

Markson: my name is Markson Lavington. I am the pastor of this branch of Christian Science in California. Christian Science is just like any other was founded by Mary Eddy Baker in the 19 th century in New England.

Lewis: That means this is among one of the oldest religion of the 19 th century?

Markson: Yes, it is one of the oldest religions of ancient times.

Lewis: it is now your turn to introduce yourself.

James: my name is James Daniel. I am the layman of this church. I work under my pastor here. Our religion is just like the other religions, and it is only that during this time, male chauvinism was dominant; hence, people believed that a woman could not be a founder of the faith.

Lewis: Each faith has its end target, for this religion, what is the end game according to you Markson?

Markson: The end game of the Christian Science faith knows God, the same thing that Jesus Christ came to teach in the world. The bible needs to be followed by Christians because it is God's love letter to Christians.

Lewis :( clapping) that's wonderful and amazing. Back to you, James, according to this Christian Science faith, how do you perceive your relationship with God?

James: the bible in the book of Genesis talks about man being a reflection of God; this we look unto him to see our reflection. We have a close relationship with God because he is our mirror.

Lewis: Markson, what do your faiths stand on heaven and hell?

Markson: According to Christian Science faith, heaven and hell are not the places but an experience. Heaven is a state of being close and with God, while hell is being away from the teachings of Jesus.

Lewis: goodness gracious, I thought heaven and hell are places because we are told that Christ will come back and take us to heaven?

Markson: (laughing) no, heaven and hell are experiences, and it depends on your interpretation of your doctrine.

Lewis: that is excellent. Why is the Christian Science religion deeply rooted in the message of healing?

James: our religion is significantly rooted in the message of healing because our founder got healed her injury through reading the scriptures and believed that she is healed and she was healed. Similarly, Jesus spent his life treating people, and because he is our mentor, we emulate his ways.

Lewis: I can see time is not on our side, my second last question, according to your faith, what is salvation?

Markson: salvation is being saved from all motor dreams which can be as a result of insight or reading of the bible.

Lewis: if today a person from another dominion asked you to change from this dominion to theirs, for instance, the Roman Catholic faith, would you accept the request? Why?

James: According to me, I cannot accept the request because I love and believe my religion is the same as theirs the difference is in explanation of the doctrine. Also, the god that we serve is the same.

Lewis: it was a great pleasure of having your time. I have been much challenged, educated, and motivated. You have helped me in the clarification of some concepts I have been facing difficulties in addressing through your response. Thank you so much, may God bless you.

Markson and James: Welcome.

(Smiling while shaking their hands)


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