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41 Recent advances in information technology resulting from the fourth industrial revolution and associated disruptive innovations, has created vast quantities of big data, generated in real-time and in various formats. Associated developments, such as artificial intelligence, have contributed to strengthen the field of monitoring and evaluation. Big data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies as a result are playing a significant role in monitoring and assessment by increasing efficiency, reducing evaluation costs, and redefining the field of M&E. This paper applies a decomposition framework to clarify big data analytics and artificial intelligence as determinants of monitoring and evaluation. The decomposing framework is a methodology used for research whereby a single problem is broken down into several subcomponents. It does so within the broader framework of disruptive technologies and the fourth industrial revolution and how they are shaping monitoring and evaluation. 42 Organizational Structure and Interventions 43 Branding Strategy in Marketing: Starbucks Backgrounder

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44 Paper Example on Assistant Director Role Portfolio 45 Consumer Behavior Change 46 Admission Essay for Masters's Degree in Public Administration. Free Sample 47 Critical appraisal on planning 48 Lse applicable mathematics 49 Discussion Week 8 50 Variable Name Variable Type Descriptive Statistics Key Features 51 A1. List of Three K-6 Content Standards 52 Statements for a Single Date or Period 53 Business Model Assessment 54 Paper Example: SWOT Analysis - Real Estate Industry 55 Submitted by 56 A Case Study Using 7s Mckinsey and 8-Steps Kotter Model for a Large Software Vendor 57 Free Essay: Training Leaders to Have Effective Leadership 58 Part One: Describe, Identify and Define 59 What is Free Trade? 60 Benefits of Jackson's action to the people
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