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International Business Strategy

International presence for a business organization is essential for growth and development. Firms operating in multiple states provides the platform for the advanced market scope and customer base.
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2019-03-12 22:39:49

Dynamic Business Environment

Managing in today's business environment requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders. Employee involvement in a change process is crucial for a successful navigation through a dynamic business environment.
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2019-02-15 19:18:43

Business between the US and China

International business refers to the entire commercial (transactions governmental, private, and sales, logistics, investments, and transportation) which occur between two or more regions or countries beyond their political boundaries
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2019-01-31 11:13:38

The Influence of the Internet on Business

The internet is a very modern invention that can be used by anyone. It can be accessed by anyone who tries to connect to one of its central, main networks and by users of all ages.
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2019-01-25 14:27:29

Business Article Strategic Report

The business will cover on an article written about four companies that rapidly raised the prices of their drugs. It will describe several business strategic concepts.
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2019-01-22 01:24:50

Managing in Ambiguity and Change

Problems in an organizational setting are inevitable. However, a response applied to a problem is a definite feature that predicts the course a business may take in the future.
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2019-01-21 10:08:27

Business advertising

Advertising entails the business of passing information about a product or an organization. It often targets a particular audience through the mass media platforms such as SMI, direct mail, the internet and outdoor displays and signs on vehicles.
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2018-12-29 07:26:25

Booz Allen Hamilton Corporation

Booz Allen Hamilton Incorporation is one of the most renowned consulting firm in the US that offer services to numerous governmental agencies. The services provided include technology assimilation and administration consultation services.
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2018-11-21 18:23:53

Global supply chain management

Information flows within the global supply chains gets discussed as a vital component of the complex supply chain. The details require that this discussion gets supported by both the supply chain theories and the real world examples.
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2018-11-02 14:42:58

My Belief on Customer Service

Customer service is the attendance to customers once they present themselves for business in a company. I believe that outstanding customer service is paramount to achieving success in a competitive business environment.
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2018-10-09 15:10:01