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Engineering Personal Statement

You are welcome to read our engineering personal statement. I am humbled to submit my application for an engineering degree program in your reputable institution. Engineering is essential in todays society and for that reason, my interest in the p...
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(855 Words)
2017-10-18 12:32:21

Texas College Admission

Texas College and I share a lot in common. Just like Texas College, I strive to achieve the best and to bring out my best potential. It was this drive to be the best that I could ever be that drove me to immerse myself in the graphics world and c...
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(550 Words)
2017-10-11 13:03:39

Personal Statement Example

I am a driven and motivated person who looks to make a difference in life and meet my potential. Having dyslexia, I have managed to take up the challenge and view it as an ability and a multidimensional view that I have since developed. It has bec...
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(577 Words)
2017-10-05 11:15:52

New York Police Department Application

I am writing to request for reconsideration of my application for the position of a police officer in New York Police Department. My passion and perpetual ambition to serve my country and my people as a police officer propels my struggle and effor...
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(597 Words)
2017-10-05 10:01:25

Computer Science Personal Statement

The desire to pursue my goal in the area of machine learning that will lead to a career as a programmer for the Army Cyber Mission Force has led me to realize that Georgia Institute of Technology's Online Master of Computer Science is the ideal pr...
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(1140 Words)
2017-10-03 15:40:29


I am writing to appeal my current dismissal status at Fuller Theological Seminary. I was not just surprised about that decision, but I was upset and empathetic to myself considering my situation and the struggles I have undergone to reach where I ...
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(354 Words)
2017-09-17 09:49:23

Psychiatry Program Admission Essay

Since my days at high school, the field of life science greatly attracted me. I was very much willing to learn about the general functioning of the human mind, body and thoughts process. For instance, I vividly hold into account a condition that m...
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(569 Words)
2017-09-14 08:52:51

Admission Essay for a CRNA Program in TCU

I believe that Nursing is much more than merely a calling for me. Since I was a small boy, the passion for joining the nursing profession always cringed in my mind and desires. As a young boy, I loved caring and interacting with people in need. I ...
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(602 Words)
2017-09-14 08:51:22

Personal Statement for Masters of Arts Program

I am interested in enrolment to the Masters of Arts (English) program with special interest to Rhetoric and Teaching of Writing. One of the reason as to why I need to undertake the course is because I want to broaden my experience in the applicati...
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(576 Words)
2017-08-21 11:50:39

Letter of Application

I wish to apply for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) online program to broaden my business ideas and improve those I have already established. Currently, I am self-employed and I have been running my online business for about ten years by ...
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(490 Words)
2017-08-02 11:20:29