Essay Sample about Anxiety Disorders Impact on People's Lives

Published: 2022-02-21 19:32:34
Essay Sample about Anxiety Disorders Impact on People's Lives
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Occasional experience of anxiety is a regular occurrence in a human's life. Though persons with anxiety disorders are mostly associated with excessive, intense, and persistent fear and worry concerning everyday situations (Allbutt & Masters, 2010). Mainly, disorders related to anxieties comprise repeated incidences of abrupt feelings of intense fear and anxiety or terror that comes to climax within minutes. The focus of this paper is to formulate a qualitative research study for persons with anxiety disorders.

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Research questions

What are the impacts of anxiety disorders on the daily functioning of the people?

How do the symptoms of anxiety disorder family?


This research will apply the ethnography method of qualitative research.


The method is preferable because it provides the highest in-depth observational method that will enable the study of people according to their areas of existence in the environment will aim to collect data about the challenges and natural settings of the people. According to Gray et al. (2017), this method is also appropriate because it is handled by experts who can conduct more in-depth analysis, observation, and interpretation of the data. Hence, it provides reliable information.


The method demands the researcher to adapt to the environments of the audience in their locations, which can be a significant challenge when collecting data.

Other Qualitative Methods applicable to the research

The study will also use the process of observation as a method of data collection. It applies subjective methodologies to ensure the collection of false information, hence efficient to equate quality differences of the data (Allbutt & Masters, 2010). The researcher will use sight, touch, and hearing to gather information.

Additionally, the study will use one on one interview. This method will be appropriate because it involves the collection of information from one respondent at a time through conversation hence invites chances to ask details in depth from the respondent. Furthermore, it gives more extensive opportunities to collect precise information on the effects and the feelings of the people. According to Van Aken and Taylor (2010), it also allows observation of the body language of the respondents and compares them with their responses.

Possible Challenges and Ways to address them

The ethical problems; The use of offensive, discriminatory, and unacceptable languages will not be available during the formation of questionnaires. Secondly, the respondents shall participate based on informed consent. The researcher will provide sufficient information and assurances about being involved in gaining the implication of taking part (Sternberg & Barry, 2011). To be fully informed, they will be allowed to take part freely without any coercion. Credibility problems; This study will acknowledge the works of other researchers in any part of the dissertation by using the APA referencing system concerning the dissertation handbook.

Additionally, the study will maintain the highest objectivity level in discussion and analysis throughout. Data management problems; The data collected from the willing respondents will obe appropriately managed, and the highest level of confidentiality maintained for the security of the respondents. Funding problems; The capital to be used in the process of the study will be from grants, ministry of health at the national level, and non-governmental organizations like USAID.


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