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Discussion Forum 12

In todays world, statistics plays an exclusively vital role in the field of research. As a matter of fact, statistical data helps in the collection, analysis as well as the presentation of data (Peat, 2001). It all boils down to the question, what...
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2017-08-13 08:40:01

Primary source analysis on gender: Aint a Woman

Basing the focus on gender, Aint I a Woman remains as an artifact that was spoken during a womans convention with the primary focus on fights for women rights. In this famous speech, Sojourner Truth spent most of her life traveling the country wit...
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2017-08-14 10:46:07

Captain Vere versus Social World

It is no doubt that Billy Budd is the main subject of the narrator, but Captain Vere appears to be the true villain of the story through his actions and decisions, which are based on the social world. Besides him being smart, gentle and portraying...
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2017-09-01 08:49:08

How pope uses animal imagery in Essay on Man

Pope published An Essay on Man in order to show how God used rational ways to man, in order to show him how someone should not be blamed for a mistake he did not commit. Man is unaware of Gods plans and purposes hence giving him no reason but to ...
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2017-09-02 06:49:06

Universal Health Care

Universal health care which is also known as universal health coverage is a system of health care that takes care of the citizens belonging to a given country health wise and financially. The provision of these services is done irrespective of one...
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2017-09-02 06:53:49

The Sparrow Book

In the book, Russell has used evil tools to create distinction between those in authority and those who are subject to the leaders. Russell in her work quotes that: The sparrow still falls (Page 7) because of the evils were done. Mary used the quo...
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2017-09-02 06:56:15

Dear Mr. Lee Analysis

The narrator is a teenager who is probably between fifteen to eighteen years. This is evident from the poem as the narrator still depends on mother for suggestions and answers. The narrator is female as she tells Mr. Smart, and when I had a cold,...
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2017-09-02 07:03:12

Evaluation of the Novel Billy Budd

Billy Budd, a novel by Herman Melville, follows the setting of the eighteenth century. Most of the novels setting occurs on a ship named the Bellipotent where the main character Billy Budd started working at the beginning of the novel. The novel r...
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2017-09-03 15:13:54

The Fountainhead

The novel starts by giving out a clear picture of how the characters used to relate to one another. Some consider Ayn Rand epic Howard Roark as a self-centered narcissist incapable of functioning in society because of his disregard of ethics, cul...
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2017-09-03 15:23:04


The 21st century was characterized by the emergence of the various service industry. Tourism, as one of the service industry, was a lucrative venture and it was earning stakeholders billion of foreign exchange. However, it was noticed that unlike ...
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2017-09-04 11:33:23