An Essay on Extended Definition of Criminal Word Family

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As our culture evolves, the language we use to express ourselves changes too. To fully understand the world in which we live, its important to fully comprehend the depth and breadth of the words that we use to describe it. Words that have more than definition or more than one meaning enrich not only our vocabulary, but also our lives.

When the word criminal is mentioned what comes to minds of most people is a doer of acts of murder or robbery. However, ideally, a criminal is defined in a broader sense that is inclusive of all offenders and people involved in illegal activities as set by a regions laws and acts. The word can be traced to criminel, a word in the early 15th century in the 1620s, where it was used by the French military to mean anything pertaining to criminal. It is viewed as the direct opposite for civil in the English language. (Skeat)

It can be appropriately stated in this text that anyone who breaks the law is considered a criminal. Criminal activities range from the much-elated rape and murder case to something as negligible as failing to pay a speed ticket. The word criminal is associated with the other words depicting outlaw activities such as felony, crookedness, and malefactor. The criminal family can be classified into various categories based on the act committed, convicted of or even the segment of the states laws that has been breached. (Fox)

An accessory or just an accessary is a type of criminal of provides an assist or any kind of help to another person in the commitment of an act of crime. This kind of help may be in the form of incitement, support before, during and after the crime, collaboration or even just witnessing a crime and not acting to prevent it. Whereas, an arsonist, firebug or an incendiary is a criminal who is illegally involved in torching down a property, whether a personal or public. Common on the list of types of criminals is the gangster who is a member of a criminal group, otherwise referred to as a gang. Gangsters are involved in committing robberies and getting involved in other unlawful activities. ("Criminal - Dictionary Definition")

Another type of criminals is the extortionist or blackmailer, who is engaged in illegally sourcing money and favor from an individual or organization by threatening to expose an embarrassing information or act they are associated with. Quite opposed to a blackmailer is the briber who rather pays an individual to commit a wrong and unlawful act. Bribers are associated with corrupt activities and as such also include highbinders, who are very corrupt politicians.

A kidnapper or abductor is another type of criminal family who unlawfully captures and detains an individual for, in most cases ransom. They are also closely associated with rapists who forces somebody to have sexual intercourse with them unwillingly. In most cases, one of these criminal acts leads to another as most criminals resort to a fugitive status. A fugitive is a type of criminal who is sought by the law and tries to evade conviction. Other criminal types are smugglers and traitors.

Several examples of criminals in history are significantly notable. Lee Harvey Oswald is a criminal associated with the murder of the United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy; Benedict Arnold who was a traitor to the United States during the American Revolution; Bartholomew Roberts who was a Welsh pirate involved in captivating over four hundred ships.

Several definition and concepts are associated with the criminal family. It is, therefore, appropriate to define a criminal as any individual who breaks the law as outlined in a countrys laws and regulations. Various types of words are used to describe criminals based on the type of activity they are involved in and the law the criminals have gone against. The criminal family is inclusive of an abductor, arsonist, a blackmailer, robber, smuggler, rapist or a fugitive. Individuals who are globally considered as criminals have been engaged in the acts outlined above.

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