Essay Example About USFilter's in Middle East and Jordan

Published: 2022-03-21
Essay Example About USFilter's in Middle East and Jordan
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USFilter in the Middle East and Jordan has its vision of bringing quality products and services to the market. With time it managed to stretch to the Middle East right from 2015 into the current franchising business that it is. It has constantly sought to offer solutions to water treatment and fulfil the needs of customers through the elements of quality, reliability and improved performance. The firm has a strategic objective of offering a technical and administrative support while expanding regionally and globally. An assumption is made that USFilter would expand greatly in the future. The company is deemed fit to undertake several collaborations in the Middle East region going by the complex local ownership kind of laws.

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This dissertation has been conducted with a view that USFilter's will expand greatly in the near future. This is one area that would support future researchers to the level of collaborations seen through both the Middle East and Jordan economies. Currently, they have shown consistent economic growth and development. Their corporate scene has improved to the better depicting an element of inclusivity in its policies. It has further sought to offer solutions to the economic and social kind of issues facing the people. Franchising in essence is seen as the greatest avenue for handling the problems in the labor market. It covers factors such as career growth while attempting to answer the call why different factors in USFilter's operations be harnessed to allow for career growth, profit levels, and exemplary managerial structures? Through the research methodology, the thesis would define the target population, the data collection methods, the sampling procedures and data analysis while finalizing on the ethical considerations guiding the study.

Research Background

This franchise just like any other started with the improvement in education and other technical institutions which develop the correct skills for this profession. These regions have their economies set in the center of technological growth and industrialization. The element of research, innovation and economic growth attempts to explain the existing franchise advancement of the USFilter's Company across the area (Reader 2016, p.55). The primary objective of this research is to find out the roles of these franchise ventures in terms of career growth. This is with a strict focus on the USFilter's Company existence in the Jordan and Middle East area. According to this featured chart, there is a quarterly growth and development of the real gross domestic product in OECD areas. This process has slowed down the rate in the last quarter by about 0.6% unlike the rate of 0.7% in the previous quarter of 2016 as shown in the graph.

Source: World Bank

The USFilter's market is competitive enough to the extent that the market is deemed to be consistently present. The USFilter's is a company that works in the Middle Eastern regions. It has been in existence for over two decades working primarily under the water purification and desalinizing segments (, 2017). This company offers the best and creative products in the segment of water purification. Through its normal functioning, it attracts and nurtures very great talents and investors from across the world (Patrick 2002, p.94). This company's principal activity is on creating strategic kind of partnerships and excellence commercially seen through the dealers involved in expanding operations of the firm locally and globally.

Organization Background

USFilter's Inc has been in the process of selling its services and systems to Siemens which would amount to up to 80% of the whole company sales. This process would generate up to $1.2b. The firm offers very ambitious talents and entrepreneurial minds that is needed for technical and administrative help while increasing its operational base (Patrick 2002, p.94). Such expansion that the firm has had has increased its merchandise in the Middle East regions. This expansion would partially be linked to the strategy of operation that is offering the franchisees both administrative and technical kind of support. They may lack this initial phase considering the kind of establishment that their businesses face ( 2017).

The firm has attempted to grow both locally and globally given its operations of promoting franchise businesses and growing the businesses capacity. They attempt to achieve this by developing the talents of their workforce especially those who wish to establish their businesses in the water segment. They further seek to improve those interested in energy and strategic business partnership while building the strongest global kind of networks across the industry.

Evidently, franchising provides the greatest avenue for growing and developing the corporate sector. Due to its sharing of commercial actions, there is a common title that many groups of individuals would commonly choose from these objectives (Barkoff & Selden 2008, p.153). In essence, the element franchising lets the parent company to constantly enjoy the growing position across the market. It further assist in preventing the slow growth concern, outside capital and underperformance of their employees in the firm. By extension, both Middle East and Jordan regions have the strong investment abilities and huge financial stability standards. All these situations call for the distribution of commercial kind of activities. Such kind of advances have allowed USFilter's Company to enjoy the extended performance in the regions of Jordan and Middle East (Water and Waste Water International 2004).

Purpose of the Study

This study will gather different facts and information by assessing the local and global operations of USFilter's Company. It would further go through the practicality of franchising in offering customer-oriented brands, and keeping customers who are satisfied and loyal. These relationships between the franchisor and the franchisee must also be assessed by considering its alignment with human personnel growth. The present form of thinking and franchising acts is another important consideration to make given the particular services spread through the industry and present forms of secondary data. Other analyses must be done on the actual practices spread through the USFilter's across Jordan and Middle East. The methodology is yet another concern that must be considered given its involvement to the growth of the franchise. This may conducted through the use of questionnaires and interviews with the concerned parties. In the end this would be adequate and relevant in getting the secondary kind of references through books, journals and articles.

Franchising is described as a special licensing form where the franchisor leases intangible property and further insists on a franchise agreement. The agreement usually contains abiding by the strict rules on how to carry on the business buy the franchisee. Often franchisors would help the franchisee in running the business right as a going concern (Hill 2008.pp 408). Franchising looks like licensing since it pertains to long term commitments unlike in licensing. In summary, the purpose of the study can be listed as:

To find out the best ways of distributing the products and services of a company.

To determine the current shift in the way of franchising from the traditional trademark product into other areas such as automobiles, energy sector and soft-drink bottling that prove this business format.

To find out what global franchising groups have tended to estimate that many Jordan consumers would spend about 1.3t dollars on the products and services from franchising annually.

To investigate the manner in which franchising undertake significant roles in the retail business in terms of growth of the water industry.

To determine if franchising strategy is clearly significant in growing business and economic growth. Several research methods would be utilized in analyzing data and findings for this research.

This approach would be guided by the previous works of other authors who have conducted similar researches in the past. The research would lay focus on the significance of franchising as a model for business growth. The expansion strategy involved would also be discussed between the franchisee and the franchisor perspective. This study further examines the kind of relationships existing between the franchisee and the franchisor. For instance, the benefit of franchising to USFilter's is the leveraging attained from its brand name and the process of business that emerge as a result of capital utilization and local management of the franchisee.

There are different levels that exist for those who are involved in the franchise agreement. The franchisor allows for the lending of the trademark while the franchisee accepts the payment of royalties and initial fees for the business right as per the franchisor's name. So then the franchise appears like the contract binding these two individuals. In the past years, franchising has been regarded as an important strategy for growing businesses, creating jobs and for economic growth both locally and globally (Hoffman & Prebble, 1995.p 80).

This study seeks to do an analysis of the appropriation of the labor market across the Middle East and Jordan. The study has been established on the realization of career growth which is amongst the most satisfying elements of different social settings. The research data further shows the rising curve of the performance of workers especially when they are subjected to the local settings and given full access to the unique situations of learning and resources (Benlamri et al. 2016, p.16, 17; Cavusgil et al. 2015, p.32). The study attempts to conduct an analysis as to the assortment of different policies and also diversity in terms of programs by franchising the USFilter's Company. The company has assisted in offering shape to newer dimensions in the dealers and employees' careers.

This study is strongly related to the human resource, marketing and strategy subject area. It further attempts to realize the manner of assortment that policies and diverse programs undergo in finding out the USFilter's Company success. Different dimensions have been shaped while newer careers of the dealers and employees would be fulfilled. Additionally, this study will conduct an assessment of the appropriation of new dealerships and the market of human personnel across the Middle East. The interrelations between teamwork, cooperation and collaboration would be conducted as a collective hallmark towards the growth of career.

The research problem has been the major basis for several academic research theses like this one. Several dissertations are formed from the aims, objectives and the questions of the research. These questions though linked directly with the issues affecting the dissertation in the manner that it handles the business issues. No matter the kind of popularity associated with franchising, several firms and bus...

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