A TOWS Matrix Analysis for the Interim Health Care

Published: 2023-01-26
A TOWS Matrix Analysis for the Interim Health Care
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In this case, I have selected an interim health care organization which is located in Sunrise, Florida, and it was founded in the year 1966, which is today the oldest national organization in the country. Health care has more than 75,000 employees that serve almost 50,000 individuals daily. Interim health care provides both home care and services to various settings, including physician offices, schools, clinics, prisons, nursing homes, and hospitals. With the growth of desire for qualified employees, the interim health care has been able to cope with these challenges through recruiting trained staff as well as offering empowerment (Aaby, Andersen, Ravn, & Zaman, 2017). A TOWS Matrix is internal or external evaluation tool that analyzes and develop particular adaptive strategies alternatives. Internal weakness and strengths are matched against external threats and environmental opportunities to boost strategic thinking about alternative strategies. Hence the paper will focus on the TOWS Matrix (threats, opportunities, weakness, and strength) of Interim national hospital as well as its in-depth analysis of the strategies to further the future company success.

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TOWS Analysis Worksheet


The interim health experiences stiff competition

It also faces new government rules and regulations

Lack of advanced technology

Financial constraints.


It offers medical services mainly to newly identified ailment

It opens new branch in regions without modern hospital

It also collaborates with health care insurance provider as well as government


The interim health care fails to comply with medical rules or law

It experiences inadequate equipment medicine

Sometimes it employs unqualified and inexperienced staff

Poor quality of services


The interim recruit or employs qualified health care staff who

can provide best facilities that are not accessible in other hospitals

The organization acquires medical equipment that is crucial for environmental operations that are not available in other health

care organizations

The hospital also streamlines its facilities to give the best services in a short duration

The Findings of f Interim Health Care TOWS Matrix Analysis

In obtaining the results regarding the Tows Matrix of the interim health care, various research methods were incorporated. First, the relevant document about strategic management in health care was analyzed after collection. In the internal analysis, the results were obtained in various meetings with unit managers, editorial committee, and head of control and planning as well as the representative of the medical staff. While the external analysis was obtained during the meeting with the board of medical staff and directors. In both sessions, the medical staff was needed to fill the questionnaires regarding the threats, opportunities, weakness, and strength within the organization. From the respondents, the TOWS analysis findings were obtained.

First, the threat implies a scenario in the external environment that may deter health care from attaining its goals. Regarding the interim health care, it faces the threat of stiff competition from other developed hospitals in terms of new equipment, better services, and modern technology. Thus the patients may desire to visit the health sector, which can offer better facilities. The interim hospital has not emulated the advanced technology as well as employed information technology specialist since the hospitals which have modern IT boost patients' safety, for example, the program security checks might alert the medical staff especially when the patients are encountering adverse effects on medication. Also, the hospitals which have advanced technology are associated with modern equipment like X-ray machines, which improves life expectations. Due to the lack of advanced technology in the interim health organization, the competition becomes high. In most cases, the interim also faces the threat of financial constraints a situation which makes it fail to purchase modern equipment, update technology as well as employ more qualified and experienced medical staff. Thus inadequate finance is the weakness which affects the growth of the organization.

The opportunity shows a condition where the external environment assists the health care company to attain its objectives. After recognizing the opportunities, health care needs to have strategies on how to explore them. Despite the threats, the Interim health care has the opportunity to offer medical services to a newly identified ailment. The organization has employed qualified and experienced medical practitioners who carry research to solve health problems. For example, the physician can search for a medical condition and get the information for the treatment procedures. Besides, the medical laboratories can as well explore the test for a newly identified disease via the internet to offer the best treatment (Ulas & Anadol, 2016). Hence, the interim medical care provides medical services to the recently recognized condition. Besides, the organization medical care has the opportunity to open new branches to the new areas without the hospital. It has collaborated with Health Insurance Company where they obtain support in terms of funds or other beneficial services. Also, the organization has an indicative drug target that introduces the cost of medicine at a reduced price. It offers the quality of palliative services and immunization program. Due to effective leadership, interim health care has the opportunity to review the family planning program and the women's health department.

A weakness is an internal issue in the health care that results in negative client value or competitive advantage. Interim medical health has various defect. For instance, it fails to comply with new governmental rules and laws which govern the health facilities. These medical laws seem complicated and procedural, particularly when the company intends to open the new branch, it is supposed to acquire the licensing from the government a situation which becomes tedious. The organization also experiences inadequate equipment medicine, and sometimes it employee's unqualified staff was leading to Poor quality of services.

However, the strength gives the organization completive advantage or customer benefits. The equipment in the interim hospital care allows the doctors to provide accurate results of treatment and test and thereby boosting the patient outcome. The medical students in the university mostly use the hospital as a center for training their health classes. The hospital has more bed, which can accommodate almost 60000 patient per day (Dimitrova & Desev, 2018). The interim health has also been running various projects through the finance it acquires from the provision of the medical product. Accordingly, the hospital has been receiving governmental support, which allows its constant progress and growth. Hence, the interim health care has been beneficial to many people. Besides the following strengths makes the health care to blossom in its operations;

The Organization Structure

The organization is a matrix model. The health facilities consist of different department that allows it to perform various duties and provides multiple services. Multiple departments work closely with each other to ensure the proper delivery of the services. Thus, the matrix model fits the organization because it makes the information to flow better as it minimizes the bureaucracies that are similar in government offices. The interim health care incorporates the function structure to manage the company. The benefits of this management are that it builds the degree of specialization, enhances efficiency, centralizes decision making, and control as well as aids the development of functional expertise (Umar, 2016).

Product Domain

The interim health care provides medical services and drugs to the patients. The medical facilities include; a diagnostic test that is provided in the conventional health centers, guidance and counseling, cancer treatment, surgery, and advising the patients. The organization also enhances emergence feedback services to the marginalized places. Hence the product domain is crucial when focusing the company strategic development.

Market Domain

The market in the interim organization is not that competitive since it experiences reduced expansion threats. Hence, health care serves many patients, including the neighboring countries. The population it serves includes working class, old, young, and non-working class as well as low-income earners and wealth.

Competitive Advantage

The interim organization faces minimal competition from other smaller health cares. The availability of specialized equipment as compared to other companies makes the interim more competitive. Therefore, the I health organization should be willing to take TOWS Matrix analysis and crucial measures to explore and utilize opportunities and strengths and neutralize threats and weakness to achieve a sustained niche in the health care market.

Four Alternatives Strategies Plan that Interim Health Care should Adopt

The strategic plan aims to achieve customer satisfaction through providing high-quality services and products which enables the company to give the more return to the stakeholders. Regarding the findings, the strategic plan begins with extensive internal and external environmental scanning of the organization. The gaps and weaknesses enable strategic planners to find processes that can boost the organization. The alternatives strategies that the planners need to focus on should improve health care performance based on its revenue, income distribution, staff composition, and operational performance (Dargahi & Zalvand, 2019).

First, to sustain competitive advantage, Interim hospital should apply knowledge information operation method. The organization needs to use the information system to understand which services are required in the market and which facilities can be improved to impact market and product domain. Secondly, based on the market domain, the company needs to invest in advanced technology that may allow quality and fast delivery of services. The technology would include; innovation in the diagnostic, communication system, and cancer treatment. Another strategy is the product domain. The health care needs to assign more funds to the employment of many staff to offer services at a short time. Also, purchasing advanced medical equipment should be considered to improve the services. The hospital needs to address the issue of lack of private rooms, which offers a clinical advantage as it reduces the cases of infectious diseases.

The last strategic plan is the focus on the organization structure as well as culture. The interim healthcare has ethics that the staff need to adhere to its missions and visions like integrity, accountability, competence, and fairness. Besides, the employees need to respect the management and work towards organizational improvement. The interim health organization should use environmental data analysis to stay competitive in the future. Therefore, the company needs to use fundamental processes such as monitoring, scanning, assessing, and forecasting to identify the signs of environmental change, and implication of the issue. These fundamentals will enable the company to remain competitive in the market, unlike other growing health care.


The TOWS Matrix of the interim organization enables the company to uses its strengths and opportunities to neutralize the weakness and threats. Therefore, the company should focus more on innovation in technology and medical equipment to boost its services. Besides, it is also supp...

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