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Published: 2018-02-20 09:54:36
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How to work abroad

Technology developed in the last decade has completely changed the way human beings interact with one another. Face to face interaction has been the most affected by the advent of technology. Facebook for example offers its users to communicate with one another without necessarily having to meet physically. It also enables the users to post their recent activities through its home page. Technology however, does not lack its shortcomings. It has made people to be addicted to it. This has been experienced in the various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, We chat, among others. Moreover,it has led to moral degradation. Youngsters, for example are exposed to nude pictures earlier in their life. It has also led to increase in terrorism activities. This is because the people involved in such activities are able to plan for their target areas in social media without necessarily meeting. Social media as a form of technology has also become a platform where people trade abuses. This is especially the case during elections where users tend to portray the opposing political group as being wrong. 

it is also imperative to note that technology has led to massive retrenchments of people. This has been caused by adoption of technology by the various manufacturing Companies. This has really affected developing countries which already have sky rocketing unemployment levels. 

The importance of technology cannot be overemphasized. It has completely changed the way things are done. Going forward however, technology should be well managed in order to ensure that the side effects which comes along with its use is minimized. 

Working abroad

If I had the chance I would gladly work in the United States of America. America is said to be one of the most developed countries in the world and it's economy is highly developed. Working in America would bring me much pleasure as well as fulfillment of my inner desires. I would decide to stay employed or start my own businesses since I would be assured that my business would not fail. This is possible because America is one of the most populated countries as well as most of them understands what to run a business means.

I would choose to work abroad than my home country since America as my favorite country is far much developed both technologically and economically. Everyone needs to succeed in life. Sometimes its better to chase success than wait success find you. This way I would do my investments abroad and bring the savings back to my mother country.

In conclusion, it's better sometimes to choose the right path or to risk in life so as to succeed. Choosing to work abroad might be an issue but succeeding would bring joy to both my family and myself. Sometimes, working far from home gives faith and encouragement therefore one can work hard to achieve what made him/her board a plane to foreign country.


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