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Man flu

I would like to disagree with the statement that man flu exists. Man has ever been in run with climate change which in turn has yielded drawback to his mental, spiritual and physical aspect. Flu is a virus that can be transmitted from one animal to the other irrespective of its gender. With this in mind, some are deadly that they can be transferred from domestic animals to man and others from wild animals to man. In this regard, we find that for instance swine flu, which is a virus that is transmitted from pigs to man can lead to death even within a short time. These diseases are the ones that affect man and in turn people regard them as man flu, even though they are not actually originating from man.

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Another of cases like poor eating habits has caused degradation of human health. If we were to follow the natural laws we would have a better life where there are no diseases. Also, the environment that man lives has caused great negative impact to his life. For instance, air pollution from fumes from vehicles, factories and drinking of contaminated water. These has resulted to degeneration of human stature and hence being considered has having a flu.

There are many ways on how man can remain secure from this incident. For example, proper hygiene should be practiced daily. Having a well balanced diet, doing frequent exercises. Living in areas that are well ventilated. Equally, ensure that he lives in a Godly manner.

There are also obstacles that hinders some people to properly observe this regulations. These includes, poverty. some people live below poverty line that they even miss the basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter and education. These are the backbone of good, health living that is free from major diseases.

Poor health facilities also is a factor that causes people to suffer from infections and being thought that they have flu. Also lack of training and seminars from the government and non governmental organisation has caused this drawback. There is also inadequate qualified personnel to enlighten the nationals on how to live healthful.

There are various diseases that affects man and one can imagine that it is a flu. These includes, coughing, fever HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes sleeping sickness, heart attack and stroke. When an individual is suffering from either type of diseases, he/ she looks weak and deformed to the fact that is at a point of death. Therefore, these are some of the things which when considered, one concludes that this individual has a flu. Take for example, the symptoms of some of these diseases like vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding and sweating. If, one of the family member is undergoing this challenge, his or her relatives may think of having a flu, and they have to avoid him or her by all means. These happens in a variety of families, therefore, the government should use if mass media to teach the nation on how to handle incidents like this.

These are the key factors that has caused the life of man miserable that has created a notion of having a flu. But if all measures are put in place on how the governments is supposed to boost the lives of her people, the living standards of all individuals has to improve greatly.

What does man flu mean

Man flu is an illness that has symptoms similar to cold that may not be serious, but the one who has it treats it as a severe ailment. The condition has caught the interest of many since because of the controversy that surrounds it. While some people may believe that the disease is just an exaggeration by some men who are continuously complaining about how severe their flu is, some medical quarters tend to suggest otherwise. Some of the common symptoms include coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and headache.

According to a research conducted by the University of Newfoundland, there is some evidence that suggests that the condition may be existent because of the biological differences between a male’s and a female’s body. The research cited men’s hormones as the primary cause of men suffering from this condition.

The study examined the rate of hospital admission of men and women who had flu. It is worth noting that more men are hospitalized due to the persistent flu as compared to their female counterparts. The discovery led the researchers to probe into the possible reason for the trend to establish whether the man-flu condition exists.

The study conducted on cell response showed that testosterone levels in an organism have a direct relationship to its immunity. In the experiments, several male and female rats were used. These rats were infected with H3N2 virus strain, which is a prevalent virus strain in the United States. The reactions of the virus in the specimen were then observed for five days.

Their findings suggested that high testosterone levels can suppress the immune system. Since men have naturally higher levels of testosterone levels than women, they are therefore more predisposed to getting the severe flu and at a higher frequency. Low testosterone levels are associated with having higher levels of blood anti-inflammatory proteins.

However, there were several assumptions which were made during the test, which could have led to biased results. First, there are several studies which suggest that during the reproductive years, women are usually very susceptible to viral infections, and should, therefore, be more likely to get flu at a higher frequency than their male counterparts.

On the other hand, the study has been disregarded because it is inconclusive and the claims are not backed up with sufficient evidence. Those who argue against the existence of man-flu argue that it may just be a survival strategy that men use. They claim that the social construct has a significant effect on the rate of hospitalization of men due to flu. First, there are societies in which men have higher access to medical facilities. Often, the male gender is valued more. Therefore if they experience even the slightest symptoms of the flu, they end up being hospitalized. In such cases, men may appear to have a higher frequency of being admitted to hospitals than women.

In conclusion, it is evident that there is experimental evidence which supports the existence of man flu condition. However, the assumptions that were made during the tests have led many to disregard the findings and consider them biased.


Boynton, P. (2006). Are reports of “man flu” just Nuts?. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 333(7578), 1128.

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