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Published: 2018-02-14 19:28:10
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Leadership definition

Leadership is very essential in any company, industry or country.  Without good leadership, the goals of any company, industry or country will not be achieved. I believe that a good leader is one that leads through example. There are several ways that a company, industry or country can be led. The various leadership styles  include;  autocratic leadership, democratic leadership, laissez faire leadership, team leadership, strategic leadership. A leader may subscribe to any of these leadership styles. The choice of a leadership style depends on many factors chief among them is the leader. I live in a country that believes in democracy. The leadership style in my country dictates that the president and other government officials must be guided by what is provided for in the constitution. Democratic leadership requires that the people take part in decision making. However, there are some instances where some leaders in my country abuse the responsibilities that are bestowed upon them. For instance, there was an election that was held a few days ago in my country. The body that is responsible for conducting the elections did not conduct the same as required by law. The incumbent president was declared the winner and the his victory was nullified by the  supreme court. This was a bold move by the court to uphold democracy which is provided in the constitution of my country. The constitution requires that we choose our leaders through a free, fair and credible election. My country believes in democracy.  In my country, laws are made by a body we refer to as parliament. Members of parliament are elected to represent the people in legislation. This means that they consult the people before they debate and pass laws.  However, there have been concerns about the members that are elected to parliament to represent the people. Some of those elected end up not performing the responsibilities that sent them there and instead they embezzle the funds that are allocated to them  to develop their constituencies. In my view, this is a vice that must be eradicated so that the country can move forward. Generally, we are making progress as a country since we adopted a new constitution. It is very crucial to point out that leadership begins from me as a citizen. I believe that through those like me in the grassroots are the best leaders. I was once told that charity begins at home. I therefore believe that leadership is not a one man show but it is for all the countrymen. It is the people that elect leaders in my country. We often refer leadership of our country to as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is the people that we elect to make laws, the laws are made by the people that we have elected and finally the laws are made for the people of my country. This is the major principle in democracy that  our constitution provides in my county. I believe that with all this, it is very clear that we are a democratic country. I therefore submit that the leadership in my country is that of the people by the people and for the people. It starts from the common villager to the members that are elected to represent the people and to the president. 


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