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Published: 2018-04-03 10:37:42
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Human behavior theories

The argument on whether nature or nurture is paramount to human beings has led to the presentation of various conflicting ideas within psychology. Nature can be described as the pre-wired qualities we individually possess. These qualities are usually influenced by biological factors such as the inherited genetic composition of our parents. Nurture on the other hand can be referred to as the qualities or characters we acquire from external factors such as, our surroundings, experiences, and what we learn from others. 

Individuals who view nature as the primary determinant of people's behaviors are referred to as nativists while those viewing nurtures as the primary determinant are referred to as empiricists. In consideration of the behaviors that we individually possess nurture often plays a more critical role as compared to nature. Thus nurture has a more significant impact on our behavior as compared to nature. Nativists argue that the characteristics that individuals possess like their physical attributes are hereditary and that is why most members of a family often portray traits that are similar to that of a particular family member. According to nativists, this fact explains issues such why most boys are raised with fathers who are unfaithful to their partners may also grow to be disloyal. A child whose parent is easily infuriated may in most cases grow up to be an angry person since they adopted their parents' genes. To them, nature plays the most important role in the determination of an individual's behavior as compared to their nature. 

However, this is not the case since at birth babies often behave in the same way and as they grow up they develop other different characters through learning and observation that are unique to them. This shows that nature only plays an essential role in determining an individual's physical attributes such as height, proneness to specific diseases, and their skin color. Two brothers who for example may be under different social classes may portray different characteristics regardless of their similarity in looks thus clearly showing their difference in life experience may have forced them to behave differently. Life experiences such as the death of parents or poverty may, for instance, make a child mature very fast. This is because such kids are forced to learn how to fend for themselves and their siblings at an early age. A child who grows up in a violent neighborhood may easily join criminal gangs since they view crime as a positive act. 

In conclusion, siblings may show similarity in character because they live together and share experiences. However, as they grow and part ways, they adopt different behaviors. This indicates that nurture has a more significant impact on an individual's behavior as compared to nature. It is thus paramount for parents to impact positive attributes such as kindness, love, hard work, and generosity to their kids while they are still young since this will increase their chances of growing up to be responsible adults in their future. However, nature should not be ignored since attributes such as gender also play an essential role in the determination of a person's character.


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