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Published: 2018-03-12 18:50:07
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Professional goals

Professional career growth occurs gradually. Globally, people begin working in low profile positions in a company, but their responsibilities increase as gain more experience. Mostly, it is important for a person to set out goals in life. Essentially, one can set either short-term goals or long-term goals. However, it is crucial for a person to ensure that the short-term goals compliment long-term goals. Short-term goals include the goals that can be accomplished within one or two years. Notably, the goals should eventually lead to an increase in overall professional growth.

Short-term Goals

Short-term goals positively contribute to overall professional career growth. The prioritized goals enable one to focus on the main goal. People have different goals that they would like to accomplish professionally. However, choosing the most important goal within a long timeline is a hard task. Therefore, setting the short-term goals ensures that one focuses on the most important factors that lead to the long-term professional growth. For instance, one could choose to undertake post-graduate studies compared to increasing work experience. Arguably, short-term goals prioritize important goals enabling one to achieve long-term goals.

Furthermore, the goals ensure that one gets the motivation to achieve long-term goals. Essentially, once a person has achieved short-term goals within the required time, he or she gets motivated towards attaining the goal. Mostly, this plays a vital role towards the main role achievement. A person could experience a drawback if he or she did not accomplish the long-term goal. Therefore, attaining small achievements motivates the individual to accomplish long-term goals.

Moreover, the goals are simple and easy to undertake. The goals are designed to ensure that they are accomplishable. Therefore, since one can select the short-term goal, the choice would certainly include tasks easily done. Essentially, since the goals compliment long-term goals, a person accomplishing the short-term goals would certainly attain the long-term goal easily.

Short-term goals encourage performance-based evaluation. The goals encompass clear and realistic deadlines that allow one to measure their progress and performance. Essentially, since the goals have limited timeline, the person can easily evaluate the performance level. For instance, if one chooses to undertake post-graduate studies, he or she can evaluate the progress of the graduate studies. Therefore, this shows the current progress of the person which serves as an important metric in professional career growth. The metric ensures the person achieves the set long-term goals. Arguably, the long term would be to achieve better responsibilities in a job.


Short-term goals play a vital role in the accomplishment of long-term goals. People should ensure that they set achievable short-term goals to complement their long-term goals. Short-term goals incorporate precise ideas accomplished within the required time. Furthermore, the goals ensure that a person has the motivation to achieve the long-term goal. Essentially, this is vital to raise a person’s drive when faced with numerous challenges. Lastly, the goals ensure that one can evaluate and re-evaluate their overall professional career growth in time. As such, the goals play the role of indicators thereby showing whether one can achieve the overall professional growth.  Mostly, setting ambitious long-term goals without fruitful short-term goals leads to frustration.


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