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Published: 2018-03-15 05:43:25
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Definition of lying

Human beings are erroneous creatures in character and thus are prone to actions that are not morally upright.

Lying is one of the oldest forms of vices whose origin ages way back to the time of creation; according to the Bible where Adam lied to his creator, God on the reason for his hiding from Him.

It is a flaw that has developed in us, sometimes so deeply that we sometimes see it as a norm to get ourselves out of trouble. However, with the development and advancement of lying techniques, scholars and technology experts have come up with ways of telling if one is lying or not by use of psychological observations and use of equipment such as the polygraph. However, that aside, they are various types of lie that have been categorized so as to tell the issue the person lying is going through.

White lies is considered the least serious of all. It is associated with telling a lie that can easily be detected as a lie for example saying that you did not take a friend's pencil when you are actually holding.

Another type of lie is broken promises. This is where one fails to keep their word on an agreed matter and thereby hurting the other party. An example is standing up a girl on a date.

Lie of fabrication is a very common type of lie where a good example is spreading of rumors. It involves telling something without the certainty of its truth.

Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone's work and stating it as your own. It is the reason behind the law coming up with property rights such as the widely known, Copyright. It is a very serious act and is actionable in a court of law.

Compulsive lying refers to  the act the telling a lie as a result of low self esteem or with the aim of gaining others attention. This makes it very difficult for the liar to stop lying as they are doing so as to look good in the eyes of others e.g. claiming to be a millionaire so as to gain friends.

Lastly, a very common type of lie is lie of deception. This involves not disclosing all the facts surrounding a subject-matter so ass to mislead others for your own gain. A good example would be a student giving a misleading answer to an academic question to a fellow student so as to remain at the top of the class.

From the above types of lie, we can deduce that people lie for the following reasons:

1. To keep themselves out of trouble from an authority such as their parents.

2. To be loved and readily allowed to associate with a particular group or person.

3. To create and maintain a favorable image of themselves.

4.As a way of making themselves feel more important and relevant in a crowd.

5. To manipulate others so that they can have things go their way.

Lying is bad practice and should be avoided at all costs.

The saying goes, the truth will set you free.


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