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Published: 2018-03-15 09:17:54
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Children abuse article

Adults have perpetrated abuse upon children; this can be attributed to various factors. By understanding why children are abused, we can then formulate plans to prevent the abuse. One factor is ignorance, adults that do not know what abuse entails may cause harm to children without intending, and the best way to handle this is by creating awareness through seminars and infomercials educating the public on what child abuse entails so that many may avoid it. Anger is another factor that leads to emotional and physical abuse. Loss of control of an adult's emotions may lead to them causing verbal, physical or secondary abuse of children. To tackle this, emotional management classes are needed and or possibly counseling so that one may be taught or guided on how to deal with anger. Governments need to provide adequate employment or create avenues for job creation since this leads to neglect as the parents are mostly out working in order to take care of bills ignoring their children need. Absenteeism by a parent also predisposes the children to abuse from outside parties since the security is absent. Investment in children's education also works to keep their abuse at bay since they are aware of the various ways they can be attacked and avoid or keep of situations, people, and places that may predispose them to the same. Education provided will also provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them not inflict abuse on children upon being adults. On matters sexual abuse. Perpetrators of sexual abuse should be under constant surveillance. Laws ought to be enacted, tough enough to keep sexual predators at bay, self-defense classes should be made available to willing children. Mentally ill persons should be under constant care and management so as not to inflict pain on children.  Children already abused are at a danger of repeat abuse since they are at the risk they should be removed from the abuse context and placed in a different environment which is happier. A mentally unstable parent should not be allowed to keep their children, the children should be taken and raised in an environment conducive to healthy growth. These environments where children are relocated to should be vetted to ensure that the caregivers are not abusers and also sufficient care should be provided. Child abuse should be reported, historical records studied to determine what locations are predisposed to abusing children so that needed services can be deployed to deal with the situation. Hotlines should be set up so that children can report when they are threatened or feel in danger, the legal system should be tough on offenders and eliminate loopholes that offenders use to escape justice. Cyber monitoring should be efficient to prevent and catch those that deal in child trafficking, and the sale and distribution of child abuse merchandise. Cults have been and are breeding grounds for child offenders shrouding themselves under the protection of freedom of religion. Audits on all religious establishments should be carried out and made mandatory to ensure the practices are not infringing on the rights of minors.


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