The Speediest of the World

Speed is your friend, as well as SpeedyPaper is!

Do you remember those times when you were sitting in the classroom desperately trying to understand why the Earth was constantly moving, how scientists were successful in defining the speed of light if you simply could not stand those boring Physics classes? As you grow older you learn more, you try to remember some interesting facts in order to impress your potential girlfriend, you read more and process this information, cause you are quite a smart ass. But have you ever noticed how fast those actions were made? What really defines you as an intelligent person is a speed. How fast do you learn things, how fast do you read, how fast are you at picking up girls? How fast can you cope with a pile of demanding tasks assigned by your professor without asking for essay writing service at the last minute? Are you convinced that you will accomplish the project faster than the professionals you will hire to help with paper?  This gives us the idea that the speed is something that really matters.

You cannot run from yourself, can you?

You can give it a try if you are Usain Bolt. When we are having a conversation about being speedy, Usain Bolt literally breaks in to a discussion. Being the fastest man ever lived on the planet might actually be a burden, but Usain stoically endures the fame and adoration. Anyway if he ever feels fed up with being a living legend, one can always run away from problems and difficulties of life, especially when you are a Jamaican sprinter that holds the World Record for the 100m sprint at just 9.58 seconds.

Read, boy, read!

It is not always a running that defines you as a jogging−obsessed−the−fastest−man−in−gym kind of guy. You can always try to be prompt in something else rather than running. If your stamina is far from being a reference point, you can try to impress everyone with your reading skills. Even though there is no definite list of world records in reading, there is one woman that can prove you reading can be an exhausting workout. An average reading speed is 250 words−per−minute (wpm), but this lady, Anne Jones, makes us look pretty boring. Her reading speed is 4, 251 wpm, and it seems that James Joyce's "Ulysses" is a simple 30−minutes routine for her. Remarkably, she can even summarize all of read pages. I guess, that would be a desired skill for those who have tones of book reviews to come up with.

Home is where the Internet is.

But if the reading speed is something you can keep as a secret, Internet speed is the dish that should be served quickly. Nobody will complain that the way your gadget uploads web−page affects your mood, the way you talk to people standing in queue and waiting for your morning coffee. We notice more and more often how neurotic we become, loading Instagram, Facebook and Tinder.

But one country can guarantee that you will not be left without a date — it is South Korea. This is the average download throughput of 33.5 megabits per second. I guess, within the next few years the best pick−up line will be − 'Hey, baby! I've got the fastest Internet, wanna come over and try?'

Do you promise to love honor, cherish and divorce?

When it comes to marriage and love, speed is not the determinative criterion. When we proclaim to love, cherish and respect, we expect our marriage to last long, but not if you are a groom from Dubai. He divorced his wife right after marrying her. A happy man sneaked out of the hall where the ceremony took place to another courtroom in order to announce his marriages invalidate. Of course, the happy couple had their own intentions to marry, which were pragmatic ones — to keep a job both for the bride and groom.