10 Must-Have Apps For Your Everyday Studies

10 Must-Have Apps For Your Everyday Studies

Did you know that your smartphone can be your best study tool? Keep in mind that not only students but almost every essay writer online utilize special apps to cope with the workload much faster. The key to your successful academic career is the right set of applications. And today we will start you on a journey that will completely change your high school or college experience. Try out these studying apps and share your favorites.

Capture Your Lectures

You don`t have to scribble away trying to write down the professor`s most important points anymore. Using lecture capture applications you can turn your smartphone into your best audio notebook. Install Lecture Capture for iOS or Smart Voice Recorder for Android to save the recordings of your classes. Cool features include the automatic elimination of the silent moments within the audio file and the background recording with the display off.

But what should you do if your instructor likes to use the whiteboard? There is no need to transfer the diagrams into your notebook by hand, all you need is an Office Lens application. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is an ultimate tool for capturing documents, receipts, blackboards, and whiteboards alike. The app improves the picture if you take it at an angle, removing glare and shadows. The resulting images can be saved in DOCX, PPTX or PDF formats.

If you prefer taking notes the old-fashioned way, it must be because you haven`t heard of Notability. It`s an iOS application suited for taking notes by typing or by hand, record audios and take pictures. But the coolest feature by far is the ability to upload files, like your professor`s presentation slides, and mark them with your notes. Just don`t forget to bring a stylus to your next lecture!

Plan Your Homework

Are you still attached to your paper planner? With myHomework Student Planner, you can finally get rid of that. This simple student-friendly app can track all your classes and assignments. It will automatically remind you when your History essay is due, or when you need to get ready for a test. The planner is available for Chrome, iOS, and Android. With it, you can synchronize your schedule across multiple platforms and always stay on top of your game.

Another cool cross-platform planner designed specifically for students is My Study Life. It is similarly compatible with Android, iOS devices, and Chrome web browser. You can track your timetable, create a to-do list and color-coded events to remind you about the upcoming midterms.

Rock Your Assignments

If you need help with Maths or Physics assignments, you will definitely be glad to learn that Wolfram Alpha has finally gone mobile. You can download it from Google Play or iTunes App Storeand enjoy more computational power than you could dream about. The best thing is, you don`t need a Ph.D. to use it. Just type your question and wait for an answer.

Photomath - Camera Calculator is another handy tool for your Maths problems. Simply take a picture of your assignment, and the app will produce an answer as well as a step-by-step guidance to help you solve similar equations on your own. You can type in your problems or write them by hand. The app is available via Google Play and iTunes App Store.

If you have trouble completing assignments and require a little extra help, visit Khan Academy. Both iOS and Android apps will give you the access to thousands of educational and instructional videos to help you with a wide variety of subjects, from Macroeconomics to Cosmology. There are also test prep courses for your SATs and MCATs.

If the assigned reading is taking up all your time, CliffsNotes Study Guides will be your 1 app. The free app available at iTunes contains the short version of the `Frankenstein`, you will have to purchase others for $2 apiece. These can be a great time saver, especially if you choose the `Cram Plan` instead of `Full Study Plan`. But remember that CliffsNotes are not a suitable substitute for a good book.

That`s our list of the most useful mobile apps for students to capture lectures and handle homework. Do you use any of them? Can you add some of your favorites to our list?

Next time we`ll talk about the useful apps that will help you get ready for tests and quizzes. Stay tuned!