How to write an essay: step-by-step guide to creating flawless papers

How to write an essay: effective recommendations and tips to consider

Academic writing has always been one of the most demanding and daunting assignments for college students. There is hardly any learner who considers it to be a no-brainer. In the vast majority of instances, writing an essay takes a lot of time, skills, and effort. Moreover, creating a paper is not about the writing process alone; instead, it also presupposes a thorough preparatory stage and final editing that can influence the overall quality of the text.

At the same time, even though writing academic papers is a challenge, it is possible if you are aware of certain tips, guidelines, and recommendations. The main idea of the process is to present specific information on the defined topic. The length, style, formatting, academic level, subject, and a plethora of other requirements can vary, but the goal always remains the same - to inform or convince readers of a particular perspective. Are you ready to get more information about the essay writing process? Check out the detailed guide to enhance your chances of thriving with your next assignment.

Preparation for writing an essay

Are you ready to start writing an essay? You will be surprised to find out that the process will not begin with an introduction creation. Planning, research, and preparation are the key elements to be considered in the first stage of work. Therefore, before you learn how to write a research paper, you need to focus on its peculiarities and aspects that can influence the final result.

There are a few points that may vary depending on the type of paper you are working on, its style, and other requirements, but the following steps will remain the same.

  • Analyze and comprehend the assignment. The purpose of the writing, the length of the text, and the deadline of the project are the key aspects to consider before you even start working on the assignment.
  • Come up with a topic. Once you understand the task, you are ready to pick an appealing and relevant topic to attract readers.
  • Do research. Reading primary and secondary sources, singling out the most prominent ideas, and taking notes will help you outline the paper and keep it consistent and well-structured.
  • Create an influential thesis. The central point of the text should be clear and concise.
  • Outline the essay. Finally, divide the paper into meaningful parts so that the writing process will be smooth and easy.

Writing the introduction

After the successful preparatory stage, you are ready to work on the essay introduction. It is the paragraph that will either make users excited about the paper or completely block their desire to spend time reading the text. Therefore, the main idea here is to keep the passage concise but informative.

Get the readers’ attention

The opening sentence of the paper should hook the audience. If you manage to succeed with this aspect, chances are the readers will read the whole piece. There are numerous tricks that can help users achieve the desired results.

  • Tell a short story
  • Ask an intriguing question
  • Mention an unexpected fact
  • Make an extraordinary statement

No matter what method you will use, it will contribute to the quality of the text and will make the essay writing process much simpler.

Give some background information

The next step here is to introduce some context so that the reader understands the argument. There are multiple ways to do it, so you can always select the most appealing one. A short overview of the topical academic debates, providing the definitions of certain terms, or just giving background facts are the exact points to consider.

Come up with the thesis statement

The final part of the introduction is a thesis statement. An exceptionally short piece should express the central idea and the main argument of the whole text. Emphasize your perspective on the topic and inform the readers of the aspects you want to enlighten.

Writing the main body

Your ability to create an essay outline matters here a lot. The way you divide the essay parts into paragraphs, the information you include in each passage, and the transition you add are critical. The body is not just the biggest part of the text; it is a well-structured and consistent piece that contains arguments supporting the thesis of the whole text. The writer’s task is to provide sufficient evidence to develop the mentioned ideas and keep the audience interested in the essay. Inexperienced writers should know how to structure an essay, as this is the point that will add to the paper's readability and accountability of the text.

Consider the length of the body part

Do you know how to write your essay? Then, you must be aware that 60-80% of the whole essay is a body part. No matter how short or long your project is, you should preserve the correlation between the introduction and conclusion length.

Mind the structure of every paragraph

The precise structure of the body is a must for students of all degrees. Every new paragraph should introduce a different idea. At the same time, it is critical to keep the passages linked with the transition words or phrases.

The topic sentence should open every paragraph, introducing the central idea. It is followed by more detailed information with examples and explanations. Add some quotes, statistics, or charts to keep the text more credible.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of students cannot do assignment due to the absence of time, lack of knowledge, and limited inspiration. Nonetheless, they are not destined to fail, as there is always a chance to address professional SpeedyPaper writers who will help you cope with either a specific part of an essay or the whole piece.

Writing the conclusion

The essay conclusion constitutes another 10-15% of the text and summarizes the whole piece. One of the most prominent rules to remember here is not to include new information in the passage.


Working on the concluding part of the text, make sure you reiterate the thesis and highlight the main idea of the paper. Tie together the central points specified in the essay and claim the importance of the arguments.


Follow a few simple essay writing tips to make the conclusion strong and influential, avoiding critical mistakes.

  • Do not include new evidence or other facts not mentioned in the body
  • Do not undermine the arguments
  • Do not start the paragraph with the concluding phrases

Tip: Writing a stunning conclusion is not complicated, but only if you are aware of the basics. Take your time to read the outline once again to understand the key points of your essay, and use it as a roadmap to the desired result.

Types of essays

If you browse the page of a Speedy paper writing service, you may be confused about the variety of paper types the professionals help with. In fact, when it comes to academic writing, the type of the essay should also be taken into account. What is the difference between them? How will the content or structure vary? Check out some of the most common essay types to see the basic discrepancies and peculiarities of each.

Descriptive essay

This is the most common type of essay college students have to work with. The writer’s goal is to describe a specific thing, idea, or phenomenon. The readers should be able to imagine every single aspect of the described item.

Persuasive essay

As the name implies, the student should analyze several opinions on the same topic and provide cogent evidence that supports a personal perspective. Highlight your stance and do your best to convince the readers of its uniqueness and relevance.

Cause and effect essay

The main idea of this essay type is to explain to the audience the link between a specific event and the result triggered by it. The topics of such papers can be diverse, but the goal is always the same - emphasizing the connection between a few situations.


Essay writing is definitely a challenging and time-consuming process. However, following the above-mentioned steps to writing an essay, every learner has a chance to succeed. Besides, there is always a chance to hire SpeedyPaper experts and get any project done stress-free.


What is an essay?

An essay is a combination of ideas that are aimed at relieving a specific topic or emphasizing the writer’s perspective on a specific issue. Flawless structure, excellent formatting, and relevant content are the key requirements of the scholarly paper.

What are the most common essay types?

There are seven basic types of academic essays, including persuasive, descriptive, process, problem-solving, cause and effect, evaluative, and compare and contract papers.

What is the traditional structure of an essay?

In the vast majority of instances, an essay consists of three parts, including an introduction, main body, and conclusion.