5 Halloween To-Dos To Beat The Fall Blues

Top five Halloween ideas to have fun

Boring lectures, upcoming essay submission dates, time wasted to no avail when searching for a service to hire essay writer, and the chilly weather are no reason to be miserable around Halloween. Forget about your academic problems for this time, entrusting your college success to a fast essay writing service that will have your back. Let the professionals do their job and give you a chance to relish previous days off.  This is the time to hang out with friends, perfect your scary cackle and wear silly costumes wherever you go. Even if the inevitable fall blues have caught up with you, Halloween spirit can dispel your foul mood. Tell us how you feel, and we will find the perfect way for you to enjoy the holiday.

How can good Halloween ideas boost your academic performance?

When you consider Halloween, it's typically synonymous with candy-filled fun and a whole lot of spookiness. However, you may be surprised that implementing creative Halloween ideas could enhance your academic performance. It's all about adopting the right perspective, and this journey starts with understanding how Halloween fun could contribute to a more efficient study regimen.

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If you are sad

The surefire way to beat fall blues is to launch a movie marathon. To get everything just right, prepare your favorite blanket, put your pumpkin latte within reach, make a huge bowl of popcorn and invite some friends to join you. Halloween movie marathon doesnt have to be just about horror or thriller films. If you are not in the mood to be scared, go for comedies or chick flicks. Let all of your friends have a pick and share a nice evening or two watching trashy movies and cinema masterpieces alike. By the end of the movie weekend, you will feel much better and ready to embrace the other joys of Halloween.

If you are bored

You definitely need some adrenaline pumping through your veins. Halloween is the right time to get scared and have fun. Explore your college announcement boards and website to look for interesting events. Grab your significant other and go for a visit to a haunted house. After jumping out of your skin for a third time in five minutes, you will no longer feel bored. If you prefer outdoor experiences, check out if there is a corn maze nearby. Dont go out alone, being scared is always more fun when your friends are around. You can share a few laughs and argue whose shrieks were higher.

If you are miserable

The best way to stop your personal pity-party is to go out and help someone. Doing good deeds is sure to put you in a better mood. Check if there are any events or places that require volunteers around Halloween. You might end up helping at a local "Boo at the Zoo" event. You will get to wear a fun costume at work, pretend to be angry and frightening. If you are lucky enough to end up as an extra in the haunted house, scaring helpless visitors is bound to make you feel better. As an added bonus, you will get some community service for your record.

If you are angry

Go to the market and buy yourself a pumpkin to mutilate. Before taking out your carving knife, warn everyone that you are not to be bothered. Get your kitchen ready by applying cling wrap all around, otherwise, you will have to waste hours cleaning up. Use the marker to plan your design or follow your gut and start carving straight away. Dont be gentle, you can take out all your frustrations on an unsuspecting pumpkin. Your masterpiece will be the perfect holiday decoration, and any leftovers can be used to make seasonal comfort food: pumpkin pie, cookies or soup. Just be careful handling sharp objects. You dont want to join the ranks of the reckless students who end up in ER on Halloween.

If you are single

Go to a costume party! There is no better place to let go of your shyness and inhibitions. Allow yourself to have fun, make new friends and hook up with a mysterious stranger. Dont forget to wear a costume. You can choose something sexy (nurse, policeman, doctor) and popular (Khaleesi, Harry Potter), or turn a plain white shirt into a last-minute disguise. If you want to showcase your fun side and have a perfect topic to start a conversation, choose a punny Halloween costume. There are hundreds of ideas online, like Facebook (write BOOK on your face) or Cereal Killer (glue your favorite cereal boxes to a shirt, dont forget a knife). At the end of the night, you are bound to have a least few new acquaintances and phone numbers, if not dates. Just watch out for the freaky clowns!

And if you are tired of boring Halloween parties that are disgustingly similar to one another, throw your own bash. Invite friends and persuade them to bring guests. The more new people you meet, the better your chances are of finding yourself a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Despite the freezing weather, gloomy rain, and looming finals, Halloween is the time to have fun, relax and enjoy the best years of college. So dont waste this wonderful holiday time on feeling sad, miserable or lonely. There so many fun ways to beat the fall blues. Give them a try!